Serena Williams Tickets

Serena Williams has one of the strongest backhands in women’s tennis, which makes her dominant in the game of tennis. Serena has been in the top spot of the WTA rankings for three and a half years (roughly 186 weeks). If you are a big Serena Williams fan you can catch more of her in the Australian Open 2017 if you want to get Serena Williams tickets.

For the first time, since February 2013, Serena Williams won’t be on the most coveted top spot as she has relinquished her throne to an equally powerful player, Angelique Kerber, who is now #1 in the WTA rankings.

Who would have thought someone could overthrow Serena Williams? She has that air of invincibility in her which sets off an intimidating vibe when facing her opponents. Everyone expects her to win in every set, match, or tournament that she plays in--which is why Serena Williams’ tickets sell so quickly. She has a 90.9% winning advantage against her competition. With 24 titles to boot, losing any game is almost improbable – until this year.

She is considered to be the best woman athlete or tennis superstar in the world – fans all over the world see her in that light. The experts agree with this as well. With her current stats, Williams is tied with Steffi Graf in terms of Open era records. She is looking to add another Grand Slam title or her 23rd next year in July but looking at the current numbers, could she actually make it happen this year? Buy your Serena Williams’ tickets today and watch her at this year’s Australian Open to see if she can pull off the upset.

Some critics believe that this could be a sign of a drought in Serena’s career. Serena has only managed to win one out of the last five major tournaments she has played in this year. This is also reminiscent of her loss to Roberta Vinci in the last U.S. Open.

There is a lot of debate on whether or not she will continue to participate in the WTA Finals. If she attempted to skip the WTA Finals though, she would have to pay a fine amounting to $125,000. Would she shrug off the fine and make her priority her health and body conditioning in preparation for the majors next year or will she continue? Most everyone thinks its a safe bet to go ahead and grab your Serena Williams tickets before they sell out.

It looks like Roger Federer experienced the same fate with hers. The 28-year-old Angelique Kerber has successfully upgraded from the no. 2 spot to the topmost rank when Williams lost during the semi-finals at the Flushing Meadows. Kerber moved to snag her second Grand Slam when she managed to defeat Karolina Pliskova on Saturday. She actually managed to defeat Williams during the Australian Open in January and was a runner-up to Williams at the Wimbledon in July.

Kerber’s tennis icon is Steffi Graff. Aside from both being German, Graff also happens to mentor Kerber. Now, Serena Williams is ranked no. 2 in the WTA. Pliskova who was able to beat the Williams sisters at a Grand Slam tournament is currently ranked at no. 11. No matter what ranking Williams might have, Serena Williams tickets still sell like hotcake.

Serena Williams, dubbed to be tennis’ great player of all time, is a professional and is great at overcoming struggles in and out of the court. Hers is never an easy win – or it might not be sweet victory after all. She has waded into dangerous waters unfazed. Known for her “Serena Slam,” which refers to her four consecutive Grand Slam wins in 2015, Williams believes that the secret to longevity and dominion in the courts is what you do when you are not under the public eye.

The dedication and perseverance she puts in with practice sessions and all the tremendous and laborious work she injects when nobody else is keeping score is what counts the most. Now, Williams was beaten by three tennis players who were all first-time title winners. Could her brilliance on the courts be now fading over time?

What Serena Williams puts in day-in and day-out for tennis reminds people why she is the best. She is undeniably a legend in the industry. Although hers is not a spotless record, she has broken record after record in different majors. She has, in fact, a career total Grand Slam victory record count amounting to 308. She currently has the all-time record for most wins in tennis majors, beating Roger Federer’s records. You can watch more of her in action at the Australian Open 2017- get your Serena Williams tickets today!