Roger Federer Tickets at the Australian Open 2021

The 3rd best tennis player in the world, Roger Federer, was demolished in four sets at the Australian Open Semi Finals by Novak Djokovic. Has the 2004 top tennis player of the year lost his winning streak with the younger breed of tennis superstars? His 17th and last Grand Slam Final win was at the 2012 Wimbledon and he has lost ever since, overall, 23 times to Djokovic. Despite the recent setbacks to his career, his faith and spirit has not waned in years but has become even stronger and hungrier. There are many tennis fans that think that this is the year that Federer will make his comeback, and for those fans, they are already starting to buy their Roger Federer tickets to see him live at the Australian Open in 2021.

Federer, who happens to be a four-time Australian Open champion, was applauded by his fans when he won the point of the match in the fourth set against Djokovic--even though he ultimately lost. He was cheered by the crowd and was given a standing ovation as he left Rod Laver Arena. He assured fans that he would be back next year to claim his much-awaited fifth Australian Open title--so be sure to get your Roger Federer tickets as soon as possible so you can be up close and personal when he wins his fifth Open.

Roger Federer said in a media interview that moments when fans cheer him on, even when he is playing around on practice courts, are the moments he cherishes the most. These moments with fans help push him forward towards his goals. He knows his fans wanted to see him win the crown and that when he doesn’t get to achieve that, he feels disappointed partly for himself but mostly for his fans who have such high expectations of him. It’s these moments that make him want to come back year after year, especially to the Australian Open.

The Future for Roger Federer

Federer, the Swiss Maestro, maintains that he is unfazed when going into a big match with a player that is in his prime or the likes of Djokovic. He mentioned, too, that Djokovic should actually be the point of reference because he is the only tennis player who has been able to stop him from his tracks of going further with his career. When these two face off, you’ll want to watch out for the clash of these two titans by getting your Roger Federer tickets before they run out.

Before the start of the 2016 Olympics, he had to withdraw from the Rio Olympics because of a knee injury, which is very saddening and frustrating for him and many fans. He was just watching at home in support of his country Switzerland and tweeted about it saying “Wish I was there with you.” 

He will be missed for the rest of the 2016 tennis season, which includes the US Open, as he allows time to fully recover from his knee injury. He wanted to come back strong, so after consulting with his medical team, he decided to make that difficult decision--to take time off to heal properly. He will undergo extensive knee rehabilitation, missing the remainder of the ATP World Tour 2016 season.

The Swiss tennis legend has a total of 17 Grand Slam Singles since he turned pro in 1998. He was also the first Swiss player to have ever won the Grand Slam Singles when he snagged the Wimbledon crown in 2003. He was ranked #1 in the world from 2004 to 2007. One of his defining moments was when he demolished the legendary Pete Sampras in the fourth round at Wimbledon 2001. It is feats like these that keep his fans hopeful for an amazing return in 2021. It is no surprise that Roger Federer tickets have already sold record numbers.

While recently Federer’s rhythm seems off as he has been somewhat shaken up by his loss to Djokovic and Raonic earlier this year, a lot of fans are confident with Federer because he has a no-quit attitude that he is known for. His ability to bounce back has been an underlying theme that embosses his entire career. 

Although side-lined with his knee and back injury, Federer is unfazed and relentless, he still plans to get back into shape and get all geared up for the 2021 Australian Open and the Grand Slams. You can buy your Roger Federer tickets early at the Queen of Tickets, and at prices and with packages that will give you the VIP treatment to make your experience the best!