Prepare Yourself for the Australian Tennis Open!

Are you planning to attend the Australian Tennis Open in 2016? Then there are certain things you will have to take into account before you attend the event. Preparations do not limit themselves to the ordering of Australian Open Tickets, but also to protecting yourself against the harmful Australian sun. Read on and discover how you prepare yourself for this event properly!

Take Sun Cream

The heat at the Australian Tennis Open has been a much discussed subject over the years. Promoters and Organisers advise all fans to properly protect their skin against the sun and there is only one way to do that, using a good sun cream.

In order to get your skin prepared for the heat at the Australian Tennis Open, you will need sun cream with a high SPF. SPF basically stands for Sun Protection Factor and basically blocks a certain amount of UVB rays.

If you want to be protected against the harmful sun rays, you will at least need a sun cream with SPF 15. However, Australian sun can be quite unforgiving, so organisers advice the highest SPF grade of 50. A sun cream with SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB sun rays and will be the best choice for an event like the Australian Tennis Open.

After Sun Care

Queen of Tickets would also like to advise their customers to obtain some after sun care for after the event. People who are attending the Australian Open Tennis tend to have very dry and dehydrated skin after the event, so apply some good after sun will definitely be beneficial for the health of your skin.

People who do not have any good after sun in the home after the event, can also use a basic moisturizer when they come back home. As long as the cream brings in some moisture in the skin, it can be considered as after sun care.

Bring a Hat

Something that is often forgotten during the Australian Tennis Open is head protection. People remember to take sun cream, but notice after an hour that they start to feel unwell due to the fact that they are not wearing any hat or cap.

If you do not really know what to wear during the Australian Tennis Open, you can always take a look at the official tennis shop of the Australian Open. The store has a number of great hats with the official Australian Tennis Open brand on it. You will find a number of these hats during the event, so you do not have to feel embarrassed wearing one! People who do not really like hats, can always find some caps in the Australian Open Store as well. You will also find some headbands in the store, but these do not provide you with the proper protection against the sun. So if you want proper sun protection, go for one of the hats or caps!


During the extreme Australian heat, you will also have to make sure you stay hydrated. Even though fizzy drinks are nice refreshments, it is recommended to take a few bottles of water and have a regular drink whilst watching the match.

Visitors can bring their own drinks or could get some drink on site. However, due to the large amount of visitors, we do recommend taking some drink with you. During the day itself, it may be quite difficult to get some drink on site, especially during a really hot day where the stalls are extremely popular. Save yourself some time and do not miss a single minute of the game and bring your own!

Before you pack anything, it may be worth checking the rules and regulations. There is some security in and around the Australian Tennis Open, so make sure you do not bring anything that is not allowed.

Where Can I Get My Tickets?

Do you want to witness the Australian Tennis Open 2016 for yourself? Queen of Tickets can provide you with the best seats! We start selling tickets for this great event in August and we do recommend to order your tickets fast! The Australian Open is an extremely popular event and tickets tend to go really quickly. So if you want the best possible seat, make sure you order your Australian open tickets well in advance.

Need Advice?

Having trouble determining which seats would be best for you or do you have some questions about the Australian Open event? Do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will gladly assist you with any questions you may have!

Queen of Tickets is one of the leading ticket sellers in Australia and we provide each customer with a 100% guarantee! So what are you waiting for? Check all our information about the Australian Open and do not miss this terrific event!