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He is young, unpredictable, and tenacious. Nick Kyrgios or Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios has set the courts ablaze with his explosive moves, entertaining stance, and raw talent. This has put him in the spotlight as the “next big thing in ATP tennis.” He has just recently turned pro, in 2012, and has been creating waves in the tennis world ever since. He emerged as a young, male teenage athlete who had little experience but has challenged the icons in tennis hierarchy with successful swings.

Kyrgios definitely has the makings of the next champion with his impeccable work ethic, discipline, and passion for tennis. He is a charmer and has court swagger, which makes him a delight to watch on the court. This young blood works, thinks, and moves like the legendary tennis icons do. He isn’t perfection though, Nick Kyrgios still needs to learn though how to channel his anger productively and not mess up his game. His stubbornness, however, seems to work to his advantage, as he is unrelenting in his quest to bring home victory. He abhors defeat and is not afraid to embrace a landslide victory. The sport of tennis (and the Australian Open Melbourne 2017 for that matter) is said to have an aging audience; however, with the emerging popularity of Kyrgios, both young and old fans are likely to come out and watch him.

Kyrgios won his first ATP World Tour match on a Wild Card at Roland Garros, wherein he snagged victory against veteran athlete Radek Stepanek, before losing to Marin Cilic. He ranked #182 in the world at a young age of 18, and he’s been climbing quickly ever since. He won his maiden Grand Slam in the Wimbledom Quarterfinal run last year, which is considered to be the highest point of his tennis career so far. His successful breaking into the tennis scene has also paved the way for other young tennis players like Alexander Zverev and Borna Coric

His free-spirited and unorthodox demeanor has made his Nic-esque shots extremely hot and popular for thousands of tennis fans all over the world. He draws in attention with his cool and crisp strides that captured the hearts of female tennis fans. His no-nonsense attitude and charisma has certainly won the hearts of the viewing public in and out of Australia. It goes without saying, people are champing at the bit to get Nick Kyrgios Tickets.

In July 1, 2014, the raving social media audience chanted, “this boy is meant for greatness.” Andy Murray commented “He’s dangerous; he’s unpredictable; he’s entertaining.” As compared to Federer, whose elegance will keep you mystified, Kyrgios is unconventional and profane but makes sure that he—as well as his fans—enjoy an entertaining show. There are no dull moments for Nick Kyrgios.

He has been consistently compared to Roger Federer, who started out as a popular young athlete. Teenage success in the Australian Open is dubbed as rare but could be starting a new trend. Kyrgios is said to be first-ever teen athlete to have won multiple Grand Slam quarter finals, following in the footsteps of Roger Federer who was able to achieve that feat in 2001.

Andy Murray, of legendary tennis superstardom fame, has a growing fondness for Kyrgios. Recently, he has been following and Tweeting updates about his matches. This is not a surprise because Murray is a self-confessed student and lover of the game of tennis. One is never too expert or too old to learn new tricks in tennis.

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