Witness the World's Best by Purchasing Tickets to the Australian Open 2016

All the world's top male tennis players are preparing to descend upon Australia for the first Grand Slam event of 2016. For the Aus Open 2016, we are going to be witness to the #1 player in the rankings being the odds makers favorite to take down the title. However, this year might be different as the field comes in with more momentum to prevent defending champion, Novak Djokovic from taking it down. Find out who is coming in hot and how you can watch them up close and live at Melbourne Park starting on January 18th.

Can Andy Murray Win Here?

Great Britain is in the midst of celebration because Andy Murray has brought home the Davis Cup. The world's number two player continues to conquer events that the English have not won since Fred Perry roamed the courts. Now that he took the best shot from the Belgians in their own country, Andy will make it here to attempt to dispel another dry streak. No man from the United Kingdom has won here since 1936. Will the Aus Open 2016 be another milestone in the stellar career of Andy Murray? Andy Murray Australian open

Are Tickets Available? 

Great news is that Australian Open Ticket sales have already started. Tournament organizers made them available since August because of the sheer magnitude of the event. Not only top tier tennis but all the aspects that make Melbourne a world class city have people planning their year around a trip to Australia. In the midst of summer, tourists and tennis fans alike flock for the nightlife, warm weather, and sizzling hot action on the court. Tennis fans gather life long memories from all the aspects that Australia has to offer.

Mens Australian Open

 Can Roger Come Through?

Arguably one of the greats of all time will be playing in the Aus Open 2016. His schedule will be even more hectic this year because of the Summer Games in Rio. Roger has gone on record saying that this event is perfect for his 2016 itinerary. The warm weather in this tournament will help him prepare for the heat he will encounter in Brazil. With the ATP World Championships already concluded, he will be rested and good form to the delight of tennis fans everywhere.

Is There a Reliable Source for Tickets?

Many companies will say that they have tickets for the Aus Open 2016 and they would be correct. However, there is one proven source that trumps all the competition not only in selection but the amount of offerings available. Queen of Tickets has the tickets that fervent tennis players demand. From the sessions of Day 1 all the way to the Men's Championship on January 31st, there is a wide selection for budgets of any type. Categories one, two, and three are available right now so the time is now to grab the tickets for the sessions you want so you can optimally plan the other aspects of Melbourne around the tennis you want to see.

Who is a Long Shot That Will Make Some Noise?

Look no further than native son, Nick Krygios, for a fan favorite that could make a deep run. He has the experience to take it all down as he won the boy's title here in 2013. A top thirty player that is not afraid to use his emotions to propel his game, he is as entertaining player as there is in the game. Could this be the year that all the potential comes to fruition at Aus Open 2013?

All of this and we have not even gotten to the favorite to win it all. Novak Djokovic won here last year and arguably had one of his best years on tour. He can return the serves of the heavy hitters like Milos Raonic. His fitness level is such that he can grind the likes of Rafa Nadal into the ground. No trip would be complete without seeing him live and in action during Aus Open 2016. So give you and your loved ones an early Christmas presents and purchase tickets now. The great continent of Australia beckons you to experience the memories that will last a lifetime.