Maria Sharapova Tickets

With her sleek figure and goddess-like facial features, Maria Sharapova is truly a sight for sore eyes on the courts. She is more than just a pretty face as her two-backhand can give you a powerful jolt. This Russian tennis superstar has been ranked in the world’s #1 spot in the WTA. She is also the only Russian tennis player who has ever won a career Grand Slam. With the hot streak she is having, it is no surprise that Maria Sharapova tickets are one of the hottest commodities is tennis right now.

Sharapova has a total of 35 singles titles and five Grand Slams. Despite the controversy and injuries, Maria Sharapova has managed to stay and reign in the world of tennis for many years. She has been ranked third as an active player following Serena and Venus Williams. She has proven her longevity and competency and has managed to win one singles title every year since 2003 until 2015 (a very rare feat).

Maria Sharapova Tickets

She is also considered as a top-earner in the tennis industry. According to Forbes, Sharapova was recognized as the highest paid female athlete in the world for 11 years at which she earned a total of $285 million between her prize winnings. She was featured in June 2011 and included in the list of Time’s “30 Legends of Women’s Tennis: Past, Present, and Future”. More so, Sharapova was also named by Tennis Channel as one of the “100 Greatest of All Time.” Tickets could be sold out anytime soon, so grab your Maria Sharapova tickets today.

Sharapova has recently been involved in a drug-related controversy when she failed a drug test in the Australian Open 2016 when she was tested positive for meldonium. This is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and Sharapova had to be temporarily suspended from playing competitive tennis by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).  

Meldonium is said to be legally used in Russia but is not licensed in the United States. Sharapova’s defense was that meldonium use is for the treatment of some of her ailments such as diabetes, irregular EKG, and magnesium deficiency. The 29-year-old tennis superstar also reiterated that she has been medically using meldonium for 10 years now and under the supervision and recommendation of a physician.  In January 2016, meldonium has been recently placed in the prohibited or banned list, which unfortunately resulted to her suspension from the game. Even the medicine’s inventor says that it is unbelievable that meldonium use would be classified as doping and not as that with using a regular medicine for treatment.

It was unfortunate though that most of her colleagues in tennis, fellow superstars too, are quite adamant and offered no sympathy for Maria Sharapova’s plight.

Known for her speed, strength, and aggressiveness on the court, Sharapova has earned both the respect and some dismay from her colleagues in the industry. She grunts a lot whenever she plays, which is a characteristic of Sharapova. There was this one time that an opponent, Nathalie Dechy, complained about her grunting--which she shrugged off by saying that this is part of her natural instinct and is involuntary.

Maria Sharapova Tickets

Maria Sharapova’s focal strength is said to be her mental agility and competitiveness on court. She knows how to swing and use different strategies, which are considered unique of her such as the “reverse forehand” and “swinging volley.” She was observed to have improved over the years in footwork, repertoire of shots, and movement. See more of her shots and moves in the Australian Open 2019. Get your Maria Sharapova tickets now.

She is considered to be a powerful and influential tennis celebrity who has managed to do it all with her glamor, grace, and agility. Sharapova was also named as one of Forbes’ “100 Most Powerful Celebrity from 2005 to 2011”. As she wants to prove she can do it all, she is currently taking the opportunity to get herself a higher education in her free time.

Yes, Sharapova has enrolled in a couple of courses at Harvard’s Business School. She is specifically under the Executive Education program of the Ivy League. This program is designed specifically for professional athletes to equip them with the expertise on managing their own virtual brand. Sharapova is a brand worth millions of investments. This shows in her numerous sponsorships and endorsements. She maintains the support of her major sponsors even when facing controversies on doping and the temporary ban.

Sharapova has been around and painting the town red wherever she goes. She also gets to promote her business "SugarPova” at New York Fashion Week. She has also made use of her free time to do internship with Nike, an ad company, and the NBA in which she participated on a three-day crash course in New York.

Maria will know the outcome of her appeal on the doping ban this first week of October. Meanwhile, many fans are looking forward to seeing her live in the Australian Open 2019. She was spotted with a tennis racquet recently in New York. The Russian darling was clad in a stylish sportwear – grey sweater and black bottoms. Maria Sharapova may have missed the Rio Olympics and U.S. Open but she vows to be back with a vengeance at the Australian Open 2019. That should be your cue – Grab your Maria Sharapova tickets now!