Australian Open 2019 - The Definitive Seating Guide to Rod Laver Arena


This coming year the Australian Open is scheduled from January 14th to January 27th 2021. in this tournament, tennis players from all around the world will showcase their skills and prowess to thousands of fans across the globe. Like every year, the grand slam will be held at the Rod Laver Arena that attracts numerous tennis aficionados to watch their favourite players compete against each other. For further information about the event please view our food and drinks guide, transport guide and further seating guides for Hisense Arena, Margaret Court Arena, Simonds Stadium, Subiaco Oval, Adelaide Oval and Etihad Stadium.

 Australia Open Rod Laver Arena

About Rod Laver Arena: General Overview


It is actually a stadium which is a part of Melbourne Park and located in Victoria, Australia. The stadium is named after the great tennis legend Rod Laver himself. The stadium replaced Kooyong Stadium in 1988 where the earlier Australian Open events were organised. The Laver Arena was formerly known as National Tennis Center and the name was changed in 2000 to honor the great tennis sensation Rod Laver who won the Australian Open 3 times. The arena has a seating capacity of around 15 000 spectators and it attracts more than 1.5 million audiences in a given year. You can read more ineresting Australian Open facts here.


Rod Laver Arena: History and Early Days


The place where this stadium is built now was earlier used for recreational purposes. The west part of the stadium which is known as Melbourne Park was actually called Flinders Park. The place was initially used for various sporting activities like rugby and baseball. This piece of land was sometimes called the "Circus Site" because it was owned and utilised by Ashton Circus way back in 1985. The Victorian government understood the potential of this particular land and decided to construct it for the purpose of hosting Australian Open and other sporting events in the coming future.


Rod Laver Arena: Seating Capacity


The stadium has been a center point of attraction for not only hosting the Australian Open but also other sports and entertainment events such as music concerts. The most dynamic transformation of the stadium happened in 2007 when a 50 meter pool was built on the floor of the stadium for the World Swimming Championship. The arena is located within the suburbs of Hisense Arena, AAMI Park, MCG and Melbourne Sports Precinct. It is regarded as one of the most high tech arenas of the world that can accommodate the maximum number of spectators for watching a tennis match. The tennis court is a Plexicushion one that has a permanent floor base with protective covering which allows the arena to get transformed from a tennis court to a concert venue. The south end of the stadium has got removable seating which can convert it to a 3 sided concert venue for hosting musical shows.


Rod Laver Arena: Seating Guide


The stadium is pretty big to accommodate thousands of spectators to watch the Australian Open tennis tournament. A total of 14,820 people can sit at a given time to watch the game. The stadium has a retractable roof that allows the players to continue the game even during extreme heat conditions and during rainfall. The seating at the arena is divided across 2 different classes namely Corporate Seating and Reserved Seating. The former one indeed provides the best view of the game and the ticket is costly as compared to that of Reserved Seating. In the Reserved Seating, one can access the shading features but it is not guaranteed and is meant for indicative purpose only. There is limited leg room and seats for restricted viewing are also available for spectators.

 Australian Open Seating Map

Rod Laver Arena Superboxes


Super boxes at the Rod Laver Arena offer special and unique hospitality opportunity to people. It has got a combination of mouth watering dishes and top quality wine that can be reserved for the spectators in a private space. One can be promised to have an unforgettable night and yearn about coming back to this place time and again. It is indeed a great seating place at the Rod Laver Arena where one can not only watch the Australian Open but it is a great way to reward one's staff, catch up with family and entertain clients. One can enjoy the best meals at the Super Box at their own private space and it is available for hire for not only a single session but multiple ones as well. Some of the other features of the Super Box Package include 18 tickets and 2 premium based car parking.


Rod Laver Arena: World Renowned Stadium


Tennis indeed brought a lot of limelight and worldwide recognition to this stadium and it is very important place for hosting the Australian Open every year since its inception in the year 1988. The arena has the world's best facilities for playing tennis and has a retractable roof that eliminates any type of inclement weather situation. The versatility of the Rod Laver Arena can be attributed from the fact that it has been instrumental in not only hosting the Australian Open but myriad of other sporting events and different musical shows/concerts. Billboard which is a leading industry magazine has awarded it an award for being a high class venue for organising musical shows.




In total around one and a half million people visit Rod Laver Arena situated at the Melbourne Park for watching the Australian Open and attending other concerts and functions. The facilities offered at the stadium are indeed world class standards which gives a wonderful experience to people visiting Australia. One can be rest assured for being entertained to its highest level and that too in a comfortable and safe environment.

 Rod Laver Arena Venue Map

Since the Australian Open 2021 is round the corner with tournament to commence in a couple of months or so. It is imperative that one should be able to book their tickets in time in order to avoid the last minute rush. There are several travel agencies that offer ticket to the Rod Laver Arena for watching the tennis tournament as well as online ticket shops like Queen of tickets which offers the best service at a reasonable rate. And don't forget to bring sunglasses and plenty of water with yourself because the place becomes very humid and you would need water to stay hydrated and enjoy the show to its fullest.


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