Why Australian Tennis Is One Of The Most Challenging Sports!

Australian tennis tends to be a little different from tennis matches played in other parts of the world. Famous tennis giants will gladly admit that playing in Australia can be quite the daunting task. But why is this exactly? Let us have a look at Australian tennis and find out why it is so different!

Rebound Ace Surface

Athletes who enter the Australian Open, will have to play on a Rebound Ace surface. The top of this surface is a reinforced acrylic top coat, with a synthetic rubber base and concrete underneath.

Even though this surface should provide players with more cushioning and a general safer environment, there are some challenges coming with this particular surface type. A large amount of players have mentioned that the surface tends to get sticky when it gets really hot. Apparently the surface should be preventing injuries, but ankle injuries seem to be very common during the Australian Open. The makers of the Rebound Ace Surface contest this claim and say that the surface has been tested up to 70 degrees Celsius, however, many athletes tend to disagree with this statement.

The Rebound Ace Surface also affects the speed and bounce of the ball, which causes players to adjust their play style when they come to the Australian Open. This also provides viewers with quite the spectacular tennis game.

Incredible Heat

Players who have had the honour of playing during the Australian Open, will have noticed that Australian tennis is always accompanied by extreme heat.

In order to protect players and visitors during the Australian Open, organisers have implemented the so-called Extreme Heat Policy. This policy was implemented for the first time in 1998 after a meeting with a number of tennis players.

Playing in extreme heat definitely affects the game of tennis players, but also makes it a bit more difficult. Visitors that attend the Australian Open will definitely see a great display of skill and stamina.

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