Discover Great Seats For The Aus Open 2016 Today!

Discover Great Seats For The Aus Open 2016 Today!

Still not ordered your tickets for the Aus Open 2016? No need to despair, because Queen of Tickets can still provide you with the tickets you need. Whether you want to attend to semi-finals, finals or even one of the rounds, you will find a suitable choice on the Queen of Tickets website. Want to know more about the event and our tickets? Find out all here!

What Can You Tell Me About Aus Open 2016?

People who are true tennis lovers are definitely familiar with the Australian Open. Even people who are not big tennis fans will have heard of this event, because it is one of the most prestigious sports events in the world. Would you like to see some of the big names in the tennis world? Then you will definitely spot one at the Aus Open 2016.

The Aus Open 2016 is predicted to be one of the largest tennis events the world has ever seen. Due to the high demand for tickets, organisers have adjusted the seats and ticketing system to a tiered ticketing system. Because of the tiered ticketing, customers will be able to find more affordable tickets for the Aus Open 2016. In other words, you will not have to save for months to go to this event, because you can find plenty of affordable choices on Queen of Tickets.

What Has Changed In Ticket Prices?

As mentioned before, the tiered ticketing system has provided us with more affordable ticket prices. Customers who always wanted to go to the Australian Open, but simply could not afford it, will now be able to do so. However, the price of the tickets does depend heavily on the specific match you wish to attend.

Thanks to the new tiered ticketing system, customers are also able to select a specific seat for the event. You can also select one of the rounds or a specific match, giving you a much better idea of how your day is going to look like when you visit the Australian Open. With this ticket selection also comes a more affordable choice of tickets. If you want to visit the Aus Open 2016, but do not want to pay too much, we can recommend having a look at one of the night or twilight sessions. Tickets for the rounds also tend to be cheaper than the quarter finals and semi-finals, so it might be worth filtering your results by round if you are looking for a good deal.

Customers who only want to watch the really big matches will also find tickets on our website. You are able to select tickets for the finals and semi-finals quite easily. However, do take into account that these tickets sell out quite quickly. So if you have your heart set on one of the main matches of the Australian Open, we recommend obtaining your tickets as soon as possible.

Queen of Tickets works with third party sellers, so you can see quite a variation in ticket prices. Due to the third party sellers, you may also find some really attractive ticket prices you cannot find anywhere else. Be sure to check out our entire range of tickets for the Australian Open and take advantage of some great deals.

How Will I Get My Australian Open Tickets?

Depending on the third party you buy your tickets from, you get the option to get your tickets emailed or mailed, this gives you the option between a physical and digital copy. If you have a printer at home, we recommend going for the digital copy. Most digital copies are delivered a few minutes after ordering and there is also no chance of your tickets getting lost in the post. Although, customers do not have to worry when they order a physical copy. Australian Post is currently quite reliable and loss of tickets is quite rare. However, if you have not received your physical tickets within a week before the event, we recommend contacting Queen of Tickets as soon as possible. Queen of Tickets can send your tickets by post again or can provide you with a digital copy right away.

Can You Guarantee That My Aus Open 2016 Tickets Are Valid?

Queen of Tickets gives every customer a 100% guarantee with each purchase, this means that we will give you a full refund if the ticket was not as described. Queen of Tickets also checks the validity of the tickets personally before they are placed for sale online, giving you an extra safety buffer. The ticket price will only be transferred to the ticket seller when the customer is satisfied. That is the 100% guarantee service of Queen of Tickets.

Could You Assist Me With My Aus Open Ticket Purchase?

Do you need some assistance getting your Australian Open tickets? Feel free to contact us by filling in the enquiry form on the contact us page or send an email to [email protected].