Looking Forward To the Australian Open? Get Your Australian Open Tickets Today!

When you need tickets for the biggest events, there is always one provider you can count on: Queen of Tickets! In addition to tickets for the greatest concerts this year, we also provide tickets for the Australian Open in 2016! Having trouble containing your excitement for this event? Then buy your tickets today and prepare yourself for one of the biggest tennis events in the world!

Why Should I Go To The Australian Open?

Anyone who is a real tennis fan simply cannot afford to miss the Australian Open. Not only is it one of the most watched tennis events of the year, you also get to see some of the world’s most beloved athletes such as Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal.

The 2016 Australian Open is also predicted to be one of the most fun tennis events ever held. The organisers of the event have announced to make the tennis event a lot more flexible, which will also reflect in some great ticket prices. Want to be a part of tennis history? Then be sure not to miss this event!

How Is The Accessibility And Special Needs Seating At The Arena?

The organisers of the event are quite good at providing enough special needs seats. However, the amount of special needs seats are somewhat limited due to the fact that the seats need to be accessible to the visitor in question. If you are looking to obtain tickets for a special needs visitor, please contact Queen of Tickets. By contacting us, we can locate the right tickets for you and guarantee that they will be suitable for you.

Special tickets that can be obtained for the Australian Open are tickets for people using wheelchairs, people who are vision impaired, people with limited mobility, visitors with hearing difficulties and people who need more shade due to a medical condition. If any of these situations applies to you, please contact Queen of Tickets. In addition to special tickets, it is also possible to acquire companion tickets.

There is also disabled car parking available at the event. Disabled parking can usually be booked with the purchase of your tickets or can be requested at the ticket office at Melbourne Park on the day of the event. If you encounter any difficulties obtaining parking through tickets on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How Do You Guarantee The Validity Of My Tickets?

Queen of Tickets only works with verified sellers and has a special system in place that counters the sale of invalid tickets. Anyone who sells their tickets on Queen of Tickets needs to submit the ticket information, so that we can check the validity before placing them online for sale. In addition to that, sellers will not get the money for the ticket sale until the event has ended. Fake sellers are therefore deterred to sell on Queen of Tickets and customers still get the opportunity to contact us if something was wrong with their ticket.

At Queen of Tickets we also give you a 100% guarantee. The 100% guarantee enables customers to contest ticket purchases if they were not as described. When you purchase from us, we will provide you with all the customer support you need. Even though incidents with tickets are extremely rare, when an incident should occur, you will receive a full refund on the tickets you have purchased.

When Will I Get My Australian Open Tickets?

Most customers who order from Queen of Tickets usually get the option to choose between physical and digital tickets. When you choose a physical ticket, the ticket will be posted in the mail and will be delivered by Registered Express Australian Post.

When you get the option, we recommend obtaining your tickets digitally. Even though the post is considered to be a safe delivery method, receiving your tickets digitally is even safer. When you choose the digital delivery, you will receive your tickets via email.

Customers who have opted for the physical ticket, but did not receive their ticket during the week before the event, can contact Queen of Tickets. If your ticket got lost in the post, we can still deliver your ticket digitally.

How Can I Pay For My Australian Open Tickets?

Queen of Tickets offers a number of ways to pay for your tickets, this includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Queen of Tickets also uses a 128bit SSL encryption during the checkout process, so you can be sure that your payment information will be safe.

How Can I Contact Queen Of Tickets For Help?

Do you need some help getting tickets for the Australian Open? Or do you require some special needs seats? Head over to the contact us page and fill in the contact information form. Queen of Tickets will examine your request and get back to you as soon as possible.