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Federer vs Tsonga Charity Match

Read what Caz from Ytravel blog had to say about the awesome Federer vs Tsonga charity match. Front row seats from Queen of Tickets!

Australian Open 2014

Here is a letter we receieved from a customer we helped from New Zealand find last minutes tickets to the Semi Finals. He had last minute issues and came to us to help him source tickets. 

Our story: We are great tennis fans living in New Zealand for 20 years. Originally we come from Serbia and have been given so much joy in the recent years by young Serbian players
(no need to mention all of them, they are well known, but at least mention Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic and the best of all Novak Djokovic).
We have been following their tournaments so far just via TV coverage in New Zealand that's not that great.

This year we have decided to finally get to see them live in action. Therefore, we purchased Final 5 package , unfortunately from the other company, (edited), at the begining of January
We took time off from work, we booked accommodation in Melbourne, we bought airfare tickets.

Couple of days ago, 2 emails came from (edited): one, to say they are canceling our purchase, and second, within minutes, there will be refund to my credit card account (still waiting to see). From that point on, my account with them was deleted there were no means to contact them any more and even more there was no wish whatsoever on their part to try and offer some solution to people coming from another country purely based on their misleading.
We are definitely not able to  watch Mens finals thanks to them (not able to afford the tickets at these prices now).

This is when in the last moment we approached your team (we never new about you before)   with great fear would you do the same to us.
We purchased tickets for 2 semifinals from you, in two separate occasions.
Both times our experience was beyond  satisfied.
Thank you for a great communication,  fast response and best of all forwarding ezytickets the very next day.
You have, within couple of days changed our feelings of desperation to being very happy and looking forward to our trip to Melbourne on 18/01/2014.

Now you understand, you are not just selling tickets, you are doing a fantastic job (many times not having an idea whats in the back ground).

We would like you to make this letter available by all means for customers to see please.