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Adele Tickets - Australian & New Zealand Tour

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or just Adele to her adoring fans, has been nickname the "Queen of Pop" by many in the music industry. Her Majesty has the #r all-time bestselling album in the UK. This 28-year-old, English singer and songwriter follows behind legendary, English icons like the Beatles and Abba. 

She has beaten album sales, surpassing many of the greats, such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran.  Her album "25" actually sold around 17.4 million copies all over the world in 2015. This was the year's best selling album.

After her concerts in the Adele World Tour 2016, which started in Northern Ireland, England, and then the of Eurpoe, she has now positioned herself to take North America by storm. While the American Adele ticckets are the most expensive concert tickets for the summer, the number of clamoring fans in attendance argues the cae that it is well worth the admission price.

Whenever Adele performs, it is very personal and extraordinary. She is known for sprinkling personal interludes into her concerts, which captivates and draws her fans even closer, making the experience more personal. Because she connects so well with her audience, this has allowed her to perform on any stage that she desires. Furthermore, it is no surprise that Adele tickets sell out each time.

Adele has these two-hour shows filled with laughter, tears, and experiences. She is famous for personal interludes in her concerts which give a lot of her fans that intense experience of being able to feel up close and personal with Adele - literally and figuratively.

In her first three concerts, she talked a lot about her mom, past relationship, restaurants in Chicago, and even her previous Grammy performance that came a bit off at some point. While ordering your tickets from Queen of Tickets is the first great step to havin an unforgettable Adele concert, here are some useful tips when watching Adele live on concert stage:

Bring lots of tissue or a hankie. It's Adele and she has a knack for getting you all emotional and in tears. She can make you cry, get nostagic and laugh all at the same time with her songs and discussion about the cycles of life.

Surprise your mom with Adele tickets. Adele appeals to diverse generations, both young and old, so your mom would surely be over the moon to come to her concerts. This explains why her "25" album has perennially sold around 31 million in copies globally.

Get her to help you propose marriage to that one lucky woman. She is a lover of love and romance and many of her songs showcase the different phases and faces of love and life in general. She has actually done this before when she called a couple onstage in her London concert last March while she was singing "Make You Feel My Love".

Be prepared for her to swear live. She swears for real - like any other normal people would. The queen is fond of dropping the F - bomb and other words that shouldn't be aired on television or published in the newspaper. While it isn't over the top swearing, it might catch you off guard if you weren't expecting it

Don't try watching her right on your cellphone or any camera lens while onstage. She caught a fan filming her on camera during one of her concerts. Her majesty said, "Stop because I'm really here in real life, you can enjoy it in real life, rather than through your camera."

Adele is on of the more expensive acts and concert tours to look forward to this summer, nor just in the United States, but in other countries as well. Ther has been a huge deman for Adele in the United States, which made prices of Adele tickets very pricey, especially at the onset of tour; although, resale prices have been adjusted for some time. Adele concert tours are an event to look forward to and shouldn't be missed for the world. Adele's vocal prowess and lingering aura onstage sets her apart among the constellation of stars. She is definitely a queen worth a red carpet entry - her voice merely a silhouette of her omnipotence onstage.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the Adele tickets, as seen with all of her previous performances, the cheaper tickets will sell out immediately, making the entire Adele Experience, quite the expensive experience.