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All eyes on Nadal and Federer at the Australian Open 2020

2 years ago 2107 Views

With Rafael Nadal recently winning his 19th Grand Slam singles title, he now sits one behind Roger Federer, who holds the record for most Grand Slams held by anyone in history. Come January, Nadal will have the opportunity to match Roger Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slams. However, Nadal has told various media publications that he isn’t treating this upcoming competition any different to previous Grand Slams he’s competed for.

Highlights of the Lead Up to the 2018 Australian Open

4 years ago 864 Views

The countdown to the 2018 Australian Open is on. Closing fast, the lead up packs in a whole lot of tennis into 2 weeks and features the world’s best tennis players as they look to find form before the main event.

Top 4 Stories to Follow This Australian Open

4 years ago 843 Views

The 2018 Australian Open is fast approaching. Always one of the biggest events of the summer, the world's best tennis players come to Melbourne Park for 2 high-intensity weeks, packed with excitement and entertainment for everyone. Here are the top 4 stories to follow during the 2018 Australian Open.

Technology Meets Tennis: The Australian Open Then and Now

5 years ago 5424 Views

Since the Australian Open was first held in 1905, plenty has changed in the world.

Technology and science have advanced at a rapid rate, offering us new approaches to many things in life.

Australian Open tennis has experience a huge amount of innovation over the years as a result of these advancements. Many of them have been game changers!

Epic Rivalries at the Australian Open

5 years ago 1076 Views

There’s just something in human nature that enjoys pitting things against each other – think Batman Vs Superman, PC Vs Apple, peanut butter Vs vegemite – the competition is real!

And when it comes to sport, there aren’t many that compare to tennis for famous rivalries between world-class players. It’s why thousands of Aussies are already securing their Australian Open tickets.

Most Memorable Moments in Australian Open History

5 years ago 2005 Views

The Australian Open is nearly upon us again, delivering world class tennis, high stakes and drama to Melbourne.

As we gear up for another tennis extravaganza and wonder what classic moments will come from the Australian Open in 2017, it seems like the perfect time to explore some of the unforgettable moments from the Australian Open’s history.