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Nick Kyrgios' Greatest Moments and Meltdowns

Nick Kyrgios' Greatest Moments and Meltdowns
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Love him, hate him, or a bit of both, there's no denying Nick Kyrgios knows how to put on a show. It may not always be for the right reasons, but he’s never boring, and tennis needs it’s villains and fiery characters.

Nick is hard at work recovering from a shoulder injury and may miss the rest of the season. But taking that time off to focus on fitness and recovery might boost his chances at the 2020 Australian Open. Until then, here's Nick Kyrgios' greatest moments and meltdowns:

Defeating Nadal at 2014 Wimbledon as a 19 Year Old Wildcard

Nick's finest hour came when he burst on the scene as a 19 year old wildcard, defeating Richard Gasquet in the previous round after saving an incredible (and a record) 9 match points. But his best was still to come. In the 3rd round, he came up against heavy favourite, Nadal. But over 4 explosive sets, it was Kyrgios who dominated the match. Nick served bombs and struck winners from everywhere on the court with reckless abandon, ending up with 37 aces and 70 winners. His performance was so good, that McEnroe and other great’s picked him as a future grand slam champion. This is the Nick Kyrgios we want to see in 2020!

The following year at Wimbledon however...

Again he faced Gasquet, and again it was a tough, close match. But this time he came off the loser, but not before giving a classic Kyrgios performance of brilliant shot-making mixed with yelling, swearing, arguing with the umpire, and tanking an entire game:

20-year-old tennis player loses his mind at Wimbledon, stops trying for an entire game because he's mad at the umpire

Kyrgios Saves 3 Match Points to Defeat Rafael Nadal in Acapulco

If there's one match that sums up Nick Kyrgios, it might be this one. Wanting to forfeit the match due to feeling sick after partying all week, he rocks up, gives a lacklustre first set, but then from the second set onwards it's classic Kyrgios, and Nadal has to take a back seat and hope that Nick implodes.

As the match went on, in front of a pro-Nadal crowd, Kyrgios told the fans to "shut the f--- up." Kyrgios eventually battled back to win the match, saving 3 match points in the 3rd set tiebreaker in spectacular fashion. Upon winning, he exchanged an icy handshake with Nadal, then taunted the crowd. Nadal later criticized Kyrgios for his lack of respect, with Nick hitting back on Instagram alluding to doping allegations. They haven't exactly been friends since then.

More recently, he was kicked out of the Italian Open after he cursed and threw a chair onto the court

Never afraid to try something different, he's also brought back the underarm serve in 2019

In this point his talent is on full display, hitting 2 tweeners before finally ending the point with a drop-shot winner.

These are just a fraction of his good and bad moments. This list could have been 5 x length if focused on 2019 only. There are many compilation videos of his bad behaviour on Youtube that are 10 or 20 minutes in length. But let's end this roundup on the more positive side with his Best Ever Shots vs the Big Four

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