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Most Memorable Moments in Australian Open History

Most Memorable Moments in Australian Open History
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The Australian Open is nearly upon us again, delivering world class tennis, high stakes and drama to Melbourne.

As we gear up for another tennis extravaganza and wonder what classic moments will come from the Australian Open in 2017, it seems like the perfect time to explore some of the unforgettable moments from the Australian Open’s history.

Tears, tantrums, impromptu swimming and some inspiring sportsmanship feature as we reminisce about the Australian Open over the years.

1990: McEnroe loses it

It’s no secret that John McEnroe has a bit of trouble controlling his temper. The American is no stranger to being kicked off the court however at the Australian open in 1990 he outdid himself.

Stopping to intently glare at a lineswoman was the first violation for McEnroe but it didn’t stop there. A wide forehand saw him take it out on his racquet, smashing it into the ground. That was strike two. The call for that code violation prompted McEnroe to begin swearing at the chair umpire, which lead to his third code violation. Unfortunately for McEnroe, he was apparently unaware that the previous year’s 4-strike rule was now a 3-strike rule and defaulted on his match. Oops. Even more notable is that this incident made McEnroe the first player to be disqualified from a grand slam since 1963!

McEnroe has had so many on-court tantrums, you can even watch video compilations of them:

1992: Jim Courier takes a dip

It was a win for Jim Courier over Stefan Edberg in the 1992 men’s final, but it wasn’t so much the match that we all remember.

The combination of heat and physical exertion saw Jim and his coach jump straight in to the Yarra River for a dip despite the Victoria health department’s warning that the river’s pollution levels were 18 times higher than acceptable for humans. Undeterred, the two embarked on this post-match tradition again the following year!

2009: A post-match hug

Professional sport brings with it an intensity that can go beyond the physical and for Roger Federer the emotion was just too much in 2009.

After losing the Australian Open championship to Rafael Nadal, Federer was overcome with emotion breaking down as he was presented with his runner-up trophy. In the ultimate show of sportsmanship and respect for his rival, Nadal approached Federer and comforted him with a hug.

2012: The longest Australian Open match in history

It doesn’t get more intense than the epic final between two of the best players in tennis history. Novak Djokovic’s victory against Rafael Nadal in 2012 had it all – drama, exceptional skill and the longest Australian Open match ever played. How long? Five hours and 53 minutes.

The longest grand slam in history and one of the most incredible, the two players were so exhausted afterwards that they almost collapsed during the presentation ceremony before organizing quickly arranged chairs for the tennis superstars.

2017: ???

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