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Most Memorable Anzac Day AFL Match Moments

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The AFL ANZAC Day clash is a hotly anticipated event on Australia’s sporting calendar, taking place on April 25 each year.

It has become a cemented AFL tradition for archrival teams Essendon and Collingwood to provide a must-see match each year. Since it first took place in 1995 we’ve seen so many close matches, on field drama and all round incredible football.

While it only gives up the usual four points like an ordinary home and away game, it’s worth so much more than that. Plus, in honour of the history of the date itself, the best player on the day is awarded the highly coveted ANZAC Medal.

Ahead of the Bombers and Pies going head to head on Wednesday 25 April this year, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in ANZAC Day AFL games history.

1. The draw (1995)

You couldn’t make it up — the first of the ANZAC Day football with over 94,000 in attendance and it ended in a draw.

The match was captivating but even Pies star Saverio Rocca’s nine goals couldn’t prevent the 1995 ANZAC Day draw.

Relive the highlights:

2. The Pies scrape through (2012)

It was a close one in 2012 when with only minutes to go the Dons were in the lead and ready to nab an ANZAC Day win.

Jarryd Blair slipped one through at the last moment for Collingwood and everyone waited nervously for the score review — a goal was confirmed and the Pies won by a single point.

Watch the last three minutes of this thriller:

3. Zaka brings it home for the Dons (2009)

Picture this — the Bombers are not looking good with five minutes to go and 14 points behind. Two quick goals miraculously bring them back into contention but it’s David Zaharakis who ultimately saves the day.

Zaka scores a beauty from 45 metres as the siren sounds and the Dons pry an ANZAC Day victory from the jaws of defeat, as commentated live.

See the hectic action as it played out:

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