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Five reasons you NEED to see Book of Mormon

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Whether you’re a musical theatre connoisseur or a big fan of South Park, Book of Mormon is a stage extravaganza that will please. If you fall into both of those categories then you simply cannot miss this Broadway blockbuster.

There are plenty of other reasons to get yourself to Book of Mormon – let’s take a look at just five of them:

1. Storytelling and songs like nothing you’ve heard before

Back in 1997 the adult animated sitcom South Park pushed the envelope beyond what we were used to. Its heavy use of satire, profanity and clever dark humour saw the show become a huge success.

South Parks’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the writers behind Book of Mormon and guess what – you can expect plenty of satire, profanity and dark humour in this show too.

In somewhat of an unexpected twist, when these writing geniuses needed a collaborator, it was Robert Lopez that they found – the writer of Frozen hit, ‘Let It Go’. (Don’t worry - he’s also the co-creator of Avenue Q).

Needless to say, Book of Mormon takes you on a journey that you never could have expected. And boy do they do it hilariously, which brings us to reason #2…

2. Book of Mormon may be one of the funniest things you’ll ever see

This multi-award winning show will leave you aching from laughing so much. Face ache, muscle aches – all well worth it though. It’s not often a musical theatre production can be considered hilarious but Book of Mormon truly is.

This is a show that goes where most wouldn’t dare – and does it in the funniest ways possible, satirising just about everything and leaving you in fits of laughter.

3. References for miles

From Star Wars to The Lion King, fans of musical theatre and pop culture will have a ball spotting all the references slipped into Book of Mormon.

While some references are subtle parodies, others are more overt. See how many you can find – there are even online forums dedicated to this pursuit.

4. Exceptional performances from a stellar cast

Book of Mormon is shocking, brilliant, risqué and side-splittingly funny – and these qualities are all the more obvious thanks to the incredible cast.

A.J. Holmes and Ryan Bondy come direct from the U.S. production and are joined by an exceptional cast of Australians including Rowan Witt, Zahara Newman, Bert Labonte and more.

5. It’s offensive, but you’ll still enjoy it (probably)

There’s no denying it – Book of Mormon spends much of its time on stage poking fun at religion while swearing. A lot. But that doesn’t mean it’s just for atheists.

It’s a well-thought out exploration of the Mormon faith that certainly doesn’t encourage rejection of it by its dedicated followers. The handling of the show’s central theme is so clever and hilarious that Book of Mormon is likely to be a worthwhile visit to the theatre regardless of your religious persuasion. And that includes Mormons.

There you have it – five of the countless reasons why Book of Mormon is a must see.

Do yourself a favour and catch Book of Mormon in Melbourne between now and June 25, 2017. For Book of Mormon tickets, click here.