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Five Epic Ashes Moments from the Last 50 Years

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WATCH: 5 Epic Ashes Moments in History

Taking on Australia in Australia is one of the biggest challenges England’s cricket team can face, and it all begins this November.

English VS Australia in the Ashes surely sits among history’s epic rivalries, so to secure tickets to this hotly anticipated event you’ll need to act fast – after all, the Ashes only heads down under once every four years.

Australian captain Steve Smith is set to dominate this series and all things considered, we think there’s a good chance he will lead Australia to an Ashes win in 2017/2018.

While we’ve got a bit of a wait to watch it all unfold, let’s relive five of the best Ashes moments from the last 50 years.

1. Gilchrist greatness confirmed

Adam Gilchrist is a true gentleman of the game and one of the most exciting players to watch.

His performance in Perth in 2006 was no exception, with Gilly delivering a 57-ball century!

Gilchrist is a true cricket legend and often touted as the greatest wicketkeeper/batsman to have ever graced the sport. Watching this reminds us why:

2. Amazing Adelaide

A Test that gets dubbed ‘Amazing Adelaide’ doesn’t get the nickname for nothing.

It was the second test of the 2006/2007 Ashes Series and it’s safe to say England was dominating.

But Australia wasn’t going to go down without a fight and fight they did. The comeback commenced with a glorious combined effort from the likes of Ricky Ponting, Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey.

Shane Warne contributed with one of his highly regarded Ashes moments, grabbing 4/49 from 32 overs.

Relive the events that took place at Amazing Adelaide for yourself:

3. Waugh’s last ball century

After a tense year Steve Waugh wanted runs. Taking to the SCG in 2003 with his goal in mind, Waugh blew the minds of the crowd and demonstrated stunning skill achieving one of the greatest centuries seen in the sport.

This Ashes moment is a beautiful performance of a cricket legend truly in the zone, batting with his head and his heart.

4. Taylor and Marsh’s 329

The fifth Test at Trent Bridge, Nottingham in the 1989 series was a record breaker.

Mark Taylor and Geoff Marsh proved to have a partnership to be reckoned with. Their first wicket of 329 was the highest score for the first wicket of any test match in England.

Get comfy on the edge of your seat and watch it all over again:

5. That Ball

No reputable list of memorable Ashes moments could ignore this mind-blowing ball from cricket legend Shane Warne.

Commonly known as ‘The Ball of the Century’ or even simply ‘The Ball’, Warney cemented his place in history with this one.

While Warney has said it was really a bit of a fluke, it just might be the greatest cricket delivery of all time.

Watch as Warne recounts the moment himself (and of course check out that incredible delivery):

The Ashes has plenty more memorable moments to be made. Be there for them – Ashes tickets will be available for purchase shortly.