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Disney On Ice: Frozen is fun for the whole family

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For most of us there will be a Disney memory from our childhood that still makes us smile. An enduring obsession with Mickey Mouse, the unforgettable songs of The Lion King, the idea of having three wishes like Aladdin… The magic of Disney is undeniable and continues to excite children all over the world to this day.

Beginning as Walt Disney’s World on Ice in 1981 before changing its name to Disney On Ice in 1997, this touring ice extravaganza has long been a family favourite. So what makes it so special?

The Disney characters you love… live!

Ice aside, there’s something incredible about seeing your favourite Disney characters, life-size in front of your eyes!

And it’s not just characters from the show’s main story focus

If you’re planning to head along to Disney On Ice: Frozen, it’s not just Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven you’ll see up close. Disney On Ice shows incorporate all the very best of Disney into each show, so there’s something for everyone. You’ll get to see the likes of Mickey and Minnie, Woody and Buzz and more as special guests too.

Magical moves on the ice

The shows are so well put together and entertaining that you could almost say the ice is irrelevant. But then Princess Elsa glides past right before your eyes! The flowing movement and impressive skating performances across the ice really add to the magic and turn the whole show into something extra special.

The ultimate family friendly show

Unlike a theatre show or musical, Disney On Ice: Frozen is a loud, full-of-life performance. Sing along to ‘Let It Go’ to your heart’s content and don’t feel conscious of your kids chatting away excitedly throughout the show. The atmosphere is completely family-friendly and above all – FUN.

Frozen on Ice is just meant to be

Frozen’s storyline makes this particular Disney on Ice show even more spectacular, giving a true-to-life feeling of being whisked away to the wintry home of Anna and Elsa.

Old or young, boys or girls – it doesn’t matter. Disney On Ice is a must-see for everyone at least once, and Frozen is a superb show for your Disney On Ice experience.

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Images and video courtesy of Disney On Ice