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The Best Australian Open Seats in the Shade

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The Australian Open is one of the premier events of the tennis year. Athletes from around the world compete, with some of sport’s biggest name gracing Melbourne. One of the defining features of the Australian Open is the high temperatures. Centre court reaches up to 40C frequently and the dazzling Melbourne sunshine makes it just as hot for spectators.

The Australian Open occurs in the last fortnight of January each year, which means that the sun is in full force and the heat lingers long into the nights. Throughout the day, tennis fans are advised to take regular breaks out of the sun and keep themselves hydrated and covered in sun screen.

The Australian Open is renowned for the high quality of its facilities and the stadiums in Melbourne and Olympic Parks and been designed to make it as enjoyable as possible. Below is out guide to the best seats in the shade at each of the Australian Open venues.

Rod Laver Arena

Named after an Australian tennis icon, Rod Laver Arena is the main venue for this Grand Slam event. Rod Laver Arena has a number of seats in the shade, with the category one, lower level seating providing both uninterrupted views of the action, and the comfort of constant shade. These seats also feature access to exclusive facilities, including bars and hospitality information desk services. These seats are recommended for people who want to take in the midday action or plan to stay all day enjoying this important sporting event.

Hisense Arena

Another important venue for the Australian Open, Hisense Arena has hosted a number of entertaining matches in recent years. Again, with the heat of the Melbourne summer sun, it is wise to consider from where you will have both the best view and the coolest time. In Hisense Arena, the shaded seats are available in all four stands. The north and south seating areas have the most seats in the shade, with only the seats at the very front of the exposed to sun for the majority of the day. In the east and west stands, the top tier seating is where the shade is present for the majority of the day and represent a good option for the budget conscious fan.

Margaret Court Arena

Margaret Court Arena’s shade seating areas are located in the north and south stands, with partial shade available in corner areas. Partial shade is also available along the top tier of these stands, while the east and west stands’ top areas also offer full shade.

Regardless of the whether you choose seats in the shade or not, it is still important to remember that the Australian Open is an outdoor event. Buying Australian Open tickets in the shaded areas described above is a good idea, but you should also take other precautions. Melbourne in late January is entering its hottest part of the year, with long days of scorching sunshine. Sunscreen, clothing, hats and sunglasses should all be a part of your tennis survival kit, and your day should include many water breaks and time spent in cooler areas, such as the air-conditioned parts of the above arenas. By taking a few simple precautions, your Australian Open experience will be memorable for the right reasons.

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