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December 2018

Biggest Meltdowns in Australian Open History

By raph sebbag 3 years ago 701 Views

The Australian Open has had it’s fair share of meltdown’s during it’s 114 year history. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the high-stakes, or the passionate crowd, but the Australian Open seems to bring out the best and the worst of players. Here we celebrate the entertaining worst, with the top 5 meltdowns in Australian Open history.

5. Andy Roddick – 2008 Australian Open (3R)

Andy was known for his sharp tongue almost as much as his giant serve. Coming up against a red hot big-hitting German in Phillip Kohlshreiber, Andy’s frustration boiled over in the 4th set, directing his ire at the umpire, culminating in the infamous line "stay in school kids, or you’ll end up being an umpire". Andy would eventually lose in 5 thrilling sets of explosive tennis - despite hitting a career best 42 aces.

4. Coco Vandewghe - Australian Open 2018 (1R)

It all started with bananas. After losing the first set, Coco asked for bananas to eat during changeover. The umpire called time, and the bananas were nowhere to be found. She refused to get up and play until the bananas arrived claiming "I have needs and it's not my fault that this court is ill-prepared."

The bananas didn’t help her game, and after going 5-1 down in the 2nd set, she lost her cool, smashing her racket on the ground and sending some choice words across the net to her opponent. Many claimed the American had mouthed the words "f*** off you f***ing bitch".

3. Marcos Baghdatis – 2012 Australian Open (2R)

This might be my favourite meltdown in tennis history. It perfectly encapsulates frustration in the heat of the battle, but because it’s Marcos Baghdatis he has to finish with a smile. Oh yeah, and he completely destroys 4(!) rackets in under a minute.

2. Nick Kyrgios - 2017 australian open (2R)

Nick Kyrgios is not stranger to controversy at the Australian Open. But this was arguably his most controversial and head scratching tennis match. Nick was 2 sets up and looked to be cruising to the 3rd round, but a sudden lapse in concentration marked the beginning of self-destruction. For the next 3 sets he would play erratically, sometimes trying his heart out, other times looking disinterested before losing in 5 sets, smashing a racket and swearing at the crowd along the way. Does he lack belief? Does he crack under pressure? Or does he just not care? Either way, Nick is always entertaining, even if not always in the most positive way..

1. John McEnroe – 1990 Australian Open (4R)

McEnroe, king of tantrums was always going to be #1 on this list. And this one’s a doozy. He was leading comfortably against Swede Mikael Penfors, but not without throwing some tamtrums in classic Mac style.

He received his first warning for intimidating a lineswoman and lost a point for smashing a racquet before he was defaulted from the tournament when he unleashed a fresh set of abuse at umpire Gerry Armstrong. Not realising that the rule for being defaulted had been changed from 4 code vialations to 3, he was shocked when he became the first and only tennis player in the open era to be defaulted from the Australian Open.

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