Beyonce Tickets

Beyonce Giselle Carter Knowles, or “Beyonce” to her fans, is a Grammy award winner (her “Dangerously in Love” album gave her five Grammys) but lavishes on her most important roles as wife, to famous hip-hop artist Shawn Corey “Jay-Z” Carter, and mom to daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. As a role model both in her efforts as a performer and as a mother and wife, it is no wonder that Beyonce tickets usually sell out within minutes.

Getting to Know Beyonce

The 34-year-old music goddess adores Kate Moss when it comes to fashion and style. She loves the number “4” and it is her favorite number.  Interestingly, Beyonce is actually a homebody and loves lone bonding times with her hubby and kiddo, just watching TV, and loves sitting courtside cheering at the Brooklyn Nets games.     

Queen Bey’s family is the closest you can get to real-life Hollywood royalty. Fans in and around social media go bonkers in following their travels that are highlighted on Instagram and other social media sites. They are such a fun family to follow, it isn’t surprising to see the amazing Beyonce ticket sales records that she has set.

Beyonce and Her Family

The Beyonce and Jay-Z power couple earned the Guinness World Records in 2010 for the “Highest Earning Power Couple,” amassing together a net worth of $122 million for that year alone. Moreover, Beyonce’s announcement of her pregnancy has also earned her the Guinness World Book of Records for the number of recorded tweets per second.

It’s not a surprise that their daughter Blue became the youngest to land the Billboard charts for her cries when she was a baby that was recorded and included in “Glory,” one of Jay-Z’s tracks.

The Queen of Pop is also an entrepreneur. Her alter-ego “Sasha Fierce,” which was created in 2003, was her way to get over and conquer her shyness on stage. This helped her become an empowering icon for women. She has a lot of side-ventures like Heat and Pulse, her fragrance lines, and her clothing line: House of Dereon. She is also a top endorser for brands like L’Oreal, American Express, and Pepsi.

Beyonce’s Formation World Tour

Beyonce’s loyal fandom was sent into a global frenzy with the announcement of a new world tour – “Formation World Tour” – while her highness was performing with Bruno Mars and Coldplay at the Super Bowl Half Time Show. Many fans are looking forward to hoarding Beyonce tickets. Beyonce’s staff knows to strike when the iron is hot and did the announcement online during the smashing-hot performance.

You can just imagine the meltdown as fans go “loca” with the world tour happening in 2016 or 2017. Her website actually crashed a lot of times because of the surprise announcement of the tour--turns out many fans were trying to access the site all at the same time to buy Beyonce tickets.

The Australasian world tour of the pop icon is something to look forward to for a lot of Bey fans worldwide. The Beyhive was all hyped up with the big announcement. The world tour has just kicked off, although, there are no  announcement on Australian dates yet. Many assumed though that the juicy details of the much-anticipated worldwide tour would be revealed at The Today Show.

Wilkins flew to Los Angeles to watch the Beyonce concert and followed the Queen all throughout, covering behind-the-scenes footages as they go.

Wilkins announced - “Word is we are going to see the Formation World Tour in Australia — there are no dates just yet, but we are standing by for that announcement,” he said.

That was it – nothing bombastic really.  You could just imagine the legions of Bey fans were disheartened and at utter dismay that this was the only information they got from the show. Some viewers got furious and tweeted with displeasure.

The Queen B sells like hotcake. Evidence to that is The Formation World Tour which earned a whopping $US100 million is just the first week of ticket release. The shows in Los Angeles and New York sold out the fastest. Beyonce tickets don’t last long in major cities.

Amsterdam, Dublin, and Copenhagen shows are also sold out. There are new strings of concert shows for September in which details are yet to be announced to the public. There is much hype going on about The Formation World Tour and Beyonce tickets which are rapidly getting sold out by the minute.

The Australian leg included in The Formation World Tour is yet to be announced and a lot of Australian fans are keeping their eyes glued on TV and social media for Queen Bey’s announcements on possible tour dates.

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