AFL Finals

If you can get away with a possession play – you can do the same with absolutely anything. The drive to win fuels every football superstar to keep their eye on the goal, every single time. The AFL Finals is hailed as the 120th season of the Australian Football League and it’s predictably a good number for many reasons than one. The AFL Grand Finals is considerably one of the most popular sports competitions in Australia, wherein 18 teams compete for victory. This guide will ensure that you get your AFL tickets 2016, so that you aren’t competing for your entry into the year’s hottest event.

The first event was held on March 24th, and the staging of the much-awaited Grand Finals will be held on the last Saturday of September, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)—which is currently the world record holder for the highest light tower. The MCG itself is a world-renowned tourist haven especially for footy aficionados.

The AFL Grand Finals is the bedrock of every football fan in and out of Australia. This is an innate part of their culture thread. Around 95,000 football fans and Victorians from all over the country buy their AFL tickets for 2016 and gather to witness this momentous sporting event every year. This event alone is capable of amassing fans from all over the country just to see the Grand Finals live and players in the flesh. Others would prefer though to watch the game live online, or from their cable TV at home or in a local pub. 

It’s not just about the main event, as half-time entertainments is just as bombastic because you also get to watch the biggest names in the local and international music scene perform at the AFL Grand Finals which explains why this is one of the most highly anticipated sporting event of the year.

The 23 weeks of the AFL Finals – from March to September – is truly a spectacle to watch as each team fights its way into the top 8 in order to qualify for the AFL Finals. (If you’re on a budget, these AFL tickets 2016 are cheaper for those who can’t afford the higher priced ones at the end.) In the end, 2 teams compete to level the playing field and get into the top spot. Players get a weekend off before the finals to get mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the game. The AFL Premiership season will happen from August 26th – 28th, before the opening stint of the AFL Finals.

The AFL Finals series of 2016 is set on the weekend of September 10th – 12th while the Grand Finals will happen on October 1.

For all avid footy fans, here’s a roundup of the games coming up in the AFL Finals 2016 so mark your calendars so you get your AFL tickets for 2016:

The Toyota AFL Finals is the most stellar sporting event in Australia, and nothing can get as close to its popularity and relevance in the sports arena. There will be roving entertainment as well as a marching band that will played right at the center of the pitch. It was announced then on February 2016 that Victoria would be having a public holiday on the Friday right before the Grand Finals.

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